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5frame label book [Bronze&Dark blue/Silver&Red/Green&Black]

Sale price¥990

This is a label book with a design of 5 frames lined up.
When separated, it becomes a rectangle of 27 x 45 mm.
You can use it as a seal, or use it to arrange your notebook.
Please enjoy using it in various ways.

Since each set of 25 pieces has a different color,
It is also a great product that you can enjoy many different types in one book.

Size: 45 x 150 mm (can be separated into 27 x 45 mm rectangular labels at the perforations)

Bronze 25sheets Dark blue 25sheets total50sheets
Silver 25sheets Red 25sheets total50sheets
Green 25sheets Black 25sheets total50sheets

Contains 5 perforations

LB010/ Bronze&Dark blue /



5frame label book [Bronze&Dark blue/Silver&Red/Green&Black]
5frame label book [Bronze&Dark blue/Silver&Red/Green&Black] Sale price¥990