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ご購読の方限定のご案内や新商品やイベント、OEDA LETTERPRESSの日々の出来事など不定期でお届けしています。


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[Letterpress printing] 4 ornament label book [frame/Black/Bronze]

Sale price¥880

Four frames lined up surrounded by decorative borders inspired by flower-shaped typefaces.
The new labelbook has been completed.
When separated, it becomes a 24 x 55 mm part.
The design can be used in both Japanese and Western styles depending on how you use it.
Can be used both vertically and horizontally.
Put a stamp on it, write on it,
Please use it in various scenes.

Size: 95 x 57 mm (24 x 55 mm rectangular label with perforations)
(can be separated)
40 pieces

Black 40sheets
Bronze 40sheets

Contains 4 perforations

Weight: 21g


LB025/Frame Black

LB026/Frame Bronze
[Letterpress printing] 4 ornament label book [frame/Black/Bronze]
[Letterpress printing] 4 ornament label book [frame/Black/Bronze] Sale price¥880