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[Letterpress printing] Letter set [Wild grapes]

Sale price¥825

8 pieces of stationery / 4 pieces of envelope / 1 piece of tag / 1 piece of original guide Paper color: Envelope gray, stationery white / Ink color: Gray

Letter paper: A5 size (148 x 210)
Envelope: Western style No. 2 Kamasu envelope (162 x 114)

This letter set was created in collaboration with "HUTTE.STAMP", an artist of eraser stamps with beautiful delicate expressions of plants, who provided the designs.

It also comes with a tag designed with the eucalyptus carved for this collaboration, so you can remove it and use it for other purposes.

Printers print each sheet one by one using a German-made letterpress press called Heidelberg.

Please enjoy the bleeding and blurring of the ink as part of the texture.


[Letterpress printing] Letter set [Wild grapes]
[Letterpress printing] Letter set [Wild grapes] Sale price¥825