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ご購読の方限定のご案内や新商品やイベント、OEDA LETTERPRESSの日々の出来事など不定期でお届けしています。


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Clipboard & paper set S

Sale price¥715

OEDA LETTERPRESS on paper approximately 1.5mm thick.
The engravings are engraved one by one using a manual letterpress printing machine.
The clip is not fixed, so
You can use it freely.

Available in 2 colors: cocoa and charcoal gray.
The clip is gold, bronze (the color is close to pink gold), and silver.
You can choose from 3 colors.

Board size: 165 x 115mm + clip size added.

The bird logo was stamped onto a 150 x 90 mm paper.
Firm pressure is applied so that you can feel the unevenness when you touch it.

15 pieces included

*Since it is made of paper, do not leave it in a humid place or in a place exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.
Please be careful as it may deform.

Clipboard & paper set S
Clipboard & paper set S Sale price¥715